Financial Inclusion-An Initiative by our bank

Financial Inclusion

To fulfill the dreams of our "Father of Nation"- Shri Mahatma Gandhiji which says "India lives in her villages" and to strengthen the RBI''s initiative of Financial Inclusion our bank has adopted the Khatwara Village, Block - Bakshi Ka Talab, District-Lucknow having six sub villages viz. Malahankhera, Chandankund, Ramgaraha,Chanvatara, Bechkakhera, Ulrapur and has put a step forward towards Financial Inclusion . The village has the population of 10000 persons (approx.) and 1300 family (approx) .

Our Bank does not believe in just becoming a money lender and accepting deposit and lending money. We believe in overall development. Our motive is to make the villagers:-

♦Self motivated

♦Self sufficient

♦Self employed

Thus, we have taken the overall responsibility of development of living standard, increasing source of income of family and creating awareness amongst the villagers.

For inculcating the habit of saving amongst the villagers and low earning group customers, the bank has also introduced the Daily deposit scheme "ASHA DEPOSIT YOJNA" starting from `1 per day deposit for lower income group persons including beggars under Relaxed KYC norms and also opening 'No Frill' accounts. We are also offering small loans 'ASHA LOAN YOJNA' ranging between `500/- to `10,000/- for making them self sufficient and self employed.

The bank has also organised various vocational courses and associated Self Help Groups and are arranging various training programmes on self-employment avenues viz, Pickle making, Stitching, chikinkari, papad making, cane work, mithai Dabba making etc .If the villagers are skilled then we can finance them loans and the credit risk involved will be low.Further, we are also arranging selling points for these villagers so that they get the market for their product and generate revenue.

The awareness program for the villagers are also conducted by our bank from time to time to teach them the value of money ,importance of education, hygiene, family planning, child labour etc.and work towards their upliftment and better living standard, in the near future.

We also keep on organising Health camps and medicine distribution programs for villagers and educate them about nutrition and hygiene. Our target area for these programs are women, who if educated and self employed can change the whole life style of households.

To view The glimpses of our initiative towards financial inclusion. click Here

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